Single Girls

I know I said I wouldn’t get on tumblr but I needed to write this.

Seriously… it upsets me.

You girls act like the only thing that can make you happy is a dude. Seriously? Girls always talking about relationships and waiting on some dude to come, hoping that they come, and come soon. Please young lady, understand that a man doesn’t have to be your only source of happiness. Don’t wait for him, just wait…. get it? Don’t expect it.  Just do what you want/got to do and he’ll come.

Seriously… what ever happened to playing hard to get? Now a days a girl just gives herself away (I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about just simply falling for the dude) if the guy is a "good guy."

Give that guy a chance to really pursue you. Give him a challenge.

For some strange reason I find that really attractive in a girl. A girl who recognizes that she does not need that relationship. A girl that won’t give in that easily.

But I’m not talking about a girl who has dude #1 falling for her and she’s talking to dude #2 and having dude #1 on hold waiting to see if things with dude #2 works out or not and will pick the best option. No. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about a girl who can see when a guy likes her, appreciates it, but won’t give in just yet. And if you really do like the guy, hide it from him. Give little hints that you are interested but please don’t just throw yourself to him. Have fun and see how much this dude really does like you. Don’t play him or hurt him, but feel good that there is some guy out there that really likes you.

Don’t think that that’s the only guy that can or will like you, though.

If you’re interested show little signs.
if you’re not then tell him. Don’t be a you-know-what and have him waste his time chasing you. Yes… I know.. we all like that feeling. The "yeah, that person likes me" feeling. Stop being self-centered and tell the guy the truth.

If you’re in a relationship that’s a different story.
But if you’re single… my freakin goodness…
My freakin goodness.